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Recipe: Mocktails

At the recent Ocsober launch event, Cruise Bar mixologist Luis Bruce & celebrity trainer Michelle Bridges prepared some mocktails. Here are the recipes. King’s Ginger 1 Part Apple Juice 3 Parts Ginger Beer Squeeze of Fresh Lime Juice Dash of Bitters Build all ingredients over ice in a tall glass Garnish with a lime wheel […]

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Review: Ocsober Launch & Mocktail Making Workshop

Every year it seems we have an ever growing number of months dedicated to telling us to take a break from drinking. Dry July, Febfast and Ocsober already occupy a quarter of the calendar. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Noboozevember popping up soon. Thus it was with some apprehension that I accepted an […]

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Review: Marque & Der Raum Collaboration Dinner

Do you know that feeling you get when you read that your favourite singer or your favourite actor is going to collaborate with someone equally as brilliant? The initial rush of excitement is replaced by impatience as the countdown begins to the day you get to sample the fruits of their labour. I had that same […]

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