Get Naked and win a trip to Margaret River

Our friends over at Naked Wines are holding a competition to celebrate their first birthday this month and you could win a trip to Margaret River to be wined and dined by two Naked Winemakers Brian Fletcher and Rory Clifton-Parks.

If you’re not familiar with the Naked model, members or ‘Angels’ as they’re known on the site, invest a small amount each month (fully redeemable against purchases on the site) to fund small wine producers to do what they do best, make great wine.

Naked Wines

Naked Wines

In return, you buy the wine at wholesale prices. You don’t have to be an Angel to buy wine from the site, but being an Angel does have its perks, including further discounts and free bottles. The site encourages you to rate wines you’ve purchased so you can share your thoughts with others and with the winemakers themselves. It’s a model that works both for winemakers and wine buyers.

Naked would like to enlist your help to get the word out and the person who gets the most exposure for Naked will win the trip.

You can enter in 4 easy steps

  1. Expose Naked Wines to as many people as you can (It doesn’t matter how or where you do it but stay safe & keep out of jail!)
  2. Submit evidence of you exposing Naked Wines to the world…
  3. The entry that gets the most exposure wins a trip to the Margaret River to be wined and dined by two Naked winemakers Brian Fletcher and Rory Clifton-Parks.
  4. Make sure you get some kind of evidence of your brilliant idea in action and then email the details to Naked at :

Here are some suggestions I’ve put together

  • Get a photo of someone famous drinking Naked Wine
  • Be one of ‘those’ people holding up signs in the background of Sunrise
  • Or one of ‘those’ people holding up a sign at the footy.
  • Walk through Martin Place wearing nothing but a Naked Wine carton

OK, maybe that last one isn’t a great idea. But I’m sure you’ll think of something better. Good luck!

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Author:Jeremy Bowell

Jeremy Bowell is the founder and editor of Taste Explorer. He also writes for,, and has featured in the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living section. He is an avid connoisseur of all things food and drink related.