Eliunt Olive Oil Tasting

In ancient Italian Etruscan culture, the “Eliunts” were considered by most to be the best producers of olive oil. They were using farming techniques passed down by their forefathers and they were highly skilled in their craft.

Top notch olive oil is now being produced all over the globe including some stunning examples right here in Australia. Like a fine wine, the flavour of an olive oil is heavily informed by the terroir (The geography, geography & climate of a place) and also by the harvesting process meaning oils can take on a range of characteristics. Some are bright and fruity, some have slightly bitter characteristics and some will have grassy or citrusy notes.

The Eliunt concept is about sourcing some of the best of these olive oils from across the globe and presenting them along with tasting notes and suggestions for use. The oil is packaged in small black borosilicate tubes which help protect against heat & light damage but I also suspect the glass was used because it looks sexy.

A tube of Eliunt oil on display

I accepted an invitation to visit the brand new Eliunt kiosk in Bondi Junction to sample the range of oils with a range of small dishes from across the globe. A white anchovy on a potato chip formed a very simple Spanish style tapas dish and was matched with the Olivar oil from Spain. The spiciness of this oil was a great foil for the anchovy.

Meanwhile a simple beef Carpaccio was a great match for the Italian Anfora oil. Somewhat puzzlingly, the tasting notes suggested the oils would have been better matched the other way around but I found the oils worked well when matched with a dish from the same country of origin. My suggestion when buying these oils is to get a range of styles from across the flavour spectrum and see for yourself what works with the dishes you are cooking.

Chef preparing tapas

A selection of tapas dishes

Beef Carpaccio

Great oils don’t need to be incorporated into food though, and I enjoyed a number of these with bread and a little salt. If you are going to buy oils to dip in, I’d recommend you try the spicier and grassier varieties as oils with bitter notes won’t work as well.

There are currently 10 oils in the range with plans to expand the range further in the New Year and beyond. For now though, their current range is excellent and includes a rather rare oil from Jordan, cleverly named Holy Oil which also happens to be one of my favourites.

Eliunt Gift Pack

The small packaging may put off some, but I like the idea of having a range of oils available to utilise without having large bottles deteriorate. That being said, I would like to see the oils available in larger sizes. The presentation packs though are worth getting your hands on as they feature a stand to present the oils in and a booklet describing each of the oils. They present beautifully and would make a great gift.

Eliunt also offer tastes of their oils daily at their stores in Hornsby & Bondi Junction as well as running tasting events, details of which are on their website. I look forward to seeing what other gems Eliunt will be bringing to our shores. If the first batch is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

Jeremy Bowell attended the tasting as a guest of Eliunt.


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Author:Jeremy Bowell

Jeremy Bowell is the founder and editor of Taste Explorer. He also writes for InsideCuisine.com, TheGrapeHunter.com, SoBadSoGood.com and has featured in the Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living section. He is an avid connoisseur of all things food and drink related.
  • Anna79au

    Ooh I would love this range. i have about 6 bottles on the go at the moment so it would be nice to have a neat little box just for tastings. It would also be great if you wanted to have people over for a private tasting session!

    • jezzster

      I think you would like them Anna, great range of oils and nice to have something fresh to work with.

  • You’re quite right those bottles are sexy! I would so love to be given a box of olive oil. Give me a bottle of good oil, some sea salt and a fresh crusty ciabatta and I’m more than happy!

    • jezzster

      Me too Claire. Nothing better than a good oil and some crusty bread 🙂