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Food writer Elizabeth Meryment recently opined about the death of Tuesday night dining in an article published in the Sunday Telegraph, but for me it’s always been one of the best nights to dine.

The cobwebs from the excesses of the weekend have cleared, it’s easier to get a table at some of the hottest restaurants and most Tuesdays, I just don’t feel like cooking. As if I needed any further encouragement, a number of the restaurants at Westfield Sydney have banded together to launch The Chefs’ Club. Each of the participating restaurants offers a different meal option for only $30. Throw in some live music and you have a damn good reason to go out on a Tuesday night. As an added bonus, you can get valet parking for only $10.

Live Music at Westfield

Not every restaurant has the same type of offering which means you can mix and match according to your mood. Cara and Co offers canapés, a cocktail & main, whereas Chinta Ria Mood For Love offers an entrée, main & dessert.

Chinta Ria Mood For Love

I headed along to Westfield to sample some of the offerings on the first night and I wasn’t disappointed. My first stop of the evening was Justin North’s Quarter 21. The Chefs’ Club menu at Quarter 21 features an entrée that changes weekly and showcases seasonal ingredients, roast leg of suckling pig with Brussels sprout & honey clove jus and a glass of wine selected by the sommelier.

Quarter 21

Chef Justin North

Our entrée on this particular evening was cured grass fed beef, pickled mushroom, smoked celeriac & Madeira. It was an earthy dish and one where the sum is greater than the parts. Each component comes together to unlock a masterfully executed combination of flavours. The same could be said of the delicious suckling pig and the vastly underrated vegetable, the Brussels sprout which neatly absorbed the flavours from the pork and jus.

Chefs' Club Menu

Cured Grass Fed Beef

Roast Suckling Pig

Our final stop was the ever bustling Chat Thai, where chef Amy Chanta joined us for dessert. $30 gets you two dessert platters with two glasses of Vasse Felix sticky which is a good thing, because I know that I won’t have to share when I return. The platter features 5 desserts, but the two highlights for me were the black sticky rice with taro and warm coconut cream and the house made coconut icecream, which chef Amy proudly told us was made from fresh coconuts and took three different machines to make.

Chat Thai Dessert Platter

Chef Amy Chanta

Happily stuffed by this stage, the only question that lingered in my mind is where I would dine next time.

Jeremy Bowell dined as a guest of Westfield Sydney.

Westfield Sydney

Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Quarter 21
02 9283 3440

Chat Thai
02 9221 0600

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