Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita

Last year, chef Peter Kuruvita charmed his way onto our screens with his series My Sri Lanka, where he visited the country in lived in as a child and where he was introduced to the delights of cooking by watching his grandmother cook ancient Sri Lankan dishes in her very basic kitchen.

The series explored Sri Lanka’s unique food, colourful culture and deep history. What I really enjoyed about the series was its gorgeous cinematography, amazing food, sweeping vistas and Peter’s engaging presence on the screen, which garnered him a Logie Award nomination for most popular new male talent.


I was first captivated by Peter’s cooking when I dined at his Sydney restaurant Flying Fish earlier in the year as part of the Taste of Sydney progressive dinner. There I had his signature dish, Seared Yellowfin Tuna with Ruby Red Grapefruit, Sweet Crackling Pork & Black Pepper Caramel. It was simple yet sophisticated dish which perfectly illustrates the chef’s cooking philosophy.

Peter Kuruvita's Seared Yellowfin Tuna

The Chef has returned to our screens with a new series, Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita which has him visiting some of our closest neighbouring countries. He beats a track through lesser visited parts of Indonesia, The Philippines, Vanuatu and The Cook Islands, exploring their culture, history and cuisine along the way. To experience some of the flavours of Island Feast yourself, you can try this simple recipe of Peter’s for the perfect Sambal

Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita airs on SBS One at 8:00pm Thursdays.

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Author:Jeremy Bowell

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