Wednesday News Round-up: 7th September

Happy hump day folks! It’s been another big week in the world of food and drink. We’re bringing you a bumper round up of articles this week. Taste Explorer expands into the field of dating advice, we discover why Mad Men is closer to a documentary series than a drama, Sydney’s best restaurants get together for a bit of back slapping and the European Commission want’s you eating creepy crawly critters. Read on…

10. Men in the 1950’s could be sexist jerks. Who knew? This extended to coffee as this 53 second video mashup of 1950’s and 60’s coffee commercials will show.

Watch the video at Buzzfeed

9. The Australian Government wants to water down the UN policy on junk food because apparently we’re not fat enough.

Read the full story at Food Magazine

8. The European Commission¬† is offering a $4.3 Million prize to encourage people to eat insects. It”s just not cricket! Or maybe it is…

Read the full story at Huffington Post

7. Deep Fried Bubblegum is the newest fairground craze in Texas proving that Americans will fry anything.

Credit: The Inquisitr

Read the full story at The Inquisitr

6. A Drink a Day is good for middle aged women in news bound to bring out the granny in all of us.

Read the full story at the Sydney Morning Herald

5. We Told You we’re good for dating advice. Here’s the top 5 drinks to give you liquid courage before going on a date. Not to many mind you or it’ll be a blind date. Boom tish!

Read the full story at the Daily Meal

4. Absolut Vodka and the fourth horseman of the apocalyse combine forces to release Absolut Tune. A delightful combination of Vodka and sparkling Kiwi sauvignon blanc. Perhaps you can suggest a better name in the comments below? Absolut _____

Read the full story at Mumbrella

3. A Journey of kitchen tables of the world shows what average families in different countries eat during a week and how much they spend in this classic revisited.

Read the full story at So Bad, So Good

2. Weird Spirits comes in at number two. Alcoholic yoghurt or scorpion vodka anyone? Anyone?

Read the full story at The Daily Meal

1. The Good Food Guide announced it’s top Sydney picks this week. A special congratulations to Taste Explorer’s favourite Somm, Stuart Knox from Fix St James who took out the Sommelier of the Year award. It was well deserved!

Read the full story at the Sydney Morning Herald

That’s it for this week folks. Catch you next week!

Additional Photo credit: Huffington Post

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